Electrical Requirements

All 240 Volt spas must be hard-wired with 5-agw thin copper wire. There must be 3 wires plus a ground for a total of 4 wires. The 240 Volt spas also require an isolated, dedicated, 50-amp GFCI breaker. A disconnect must be located more than 5 feet from the spa but within sight of the spa. No other appliances or lights should be on this circuit at any time.

A licensed electrician must wire all 240 Volt spas. If you have doubts about the ability of your system to handle this circuit, have your system checked by a licensed electrician prior to delivery. If necessary, a 240 Volt spa may be wired using a 30 amp circuit. Please ask your salesperson for details.

All 120 Volt spas must be plugged into a dedicated circuit 15 amp GFCI protected circuit. No extension cords may be used on this circuit. All wiring must meet NEC (National Electrical Code) and local codes.

Pad Requirements

All spas must be placed on a solid foundation. The only two recommended surfaces are a 4-inch minimum thickness reinforced concrete slab or properly supported wood with 2 X 10 joists at 12-inch centers. These surfaces must be flat and level and must be able to hold 100lbs./sq. Foot.

Access Requirements

All Spas Require 38-inch minimum clearances through gates and between the house and side fences. More clearance is needed to negotiate corners. 7 to 10 feet of overhead clearance is needed depending on the size of the spa. All debris, fences, landscaping, and obstacles that limit or block access must be removed prior to delivery. The delivery crew does not trim trees, remove fences, etc., in order to palace your spa. Deliveries that require the use of a crane will be at the customer’s expense.

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