Shopping for a hot tub or swim spa can be a difficult decision. Especially, since shoppers are faced with making the choice based on brochures, google research, or a brief expo visit. Salter’s wants to help make this decision as easy as possible, so we have put together a list of questions to consider. Let’s dive in!

What is your budget?

Your budget for a new spa or hot tub is not just the cost of the item. Make sure to include in your calculations the cost of chemicals, installation, additional structures, maintenance, and the increased energy use. Carefully consider all aspects of spa ownership, so you know what to expect. Our experienced sales staff can help you think through these questions so do not hesitate to reach out. Another terrific resource is the hot tub and swim spa owners’ Facebook groups. This friendly and supportive community is always happy to share advice, personal experiences, and inspirational photos to help get the ideas flowing.

How will installation and delivery work?

Delivering and installing a hot tub is very different from a swim spa. A hot tub can be delivered on a regular truck and then carried or hauled into place. This process usually does not require specialized equipment or time. Swim spas, on the other hand, are significantly larger. They may require an oversized-load truck and a crane to put it into place. Think about where you will be installing the swim spa or hot tub to make sure it will be possible. Salter’s experienced installers have worked within a wide range of conditions and can answer your questions.

Will you be building additional structures?

Part of the excitement of a swim spa or hot tub is the major upgrade it will add to your backyard or patio. Often, shoppers plan their purchases with additional changes to their outdoor space. Are you going to add a roofed structure so you can use the spa in all weather, or would you like to look up and see the stars? Have you thought about landscaping? Outdoor showers? The possibilities are truly endless. If you choose to add additional structures, make sure that your plan complies with local construction codes. If not sure, then do not hesitate to contact your Salter’s Sales Specialist.

Who will maintain your spa?

Will you hire a company to service your tub, or will you tackle it yourself? A hot tub is smaller, therefore, much easier to maintain than a swim spa. These spas require regular care to function properly and live long and happy lives. So be honest with yourself when making your decision. If you purchase your swim spa from a traveling expo or online, you may encounter difficulties finding replacement parts should the need arise. Salter’s carries Marquis & Bullfrog Spas. Both companies have a great reputation for customer service.

What will you do in your spa?

This is ultimately the most important question. When you picture yourself in the spa, are you relaxing every night with a yummy cocktail or doing laps in place every morning? Are you spending quality time with your partner, or are the grandkids coming over to swim? Swim spas and hot tubs have many different customizable features from which to choose. Think deeply about how you will use your spa, who will use it, and how often so you can get exactly what you want without buyer’s remorse down the line.

Hot Tubs and Swim Spas at Salter’s

You may be surprised that Salter’s Fireplace & Outdoor Living sells hot tubs and swim spas – but it’s true! Our team of experienced Sales Specialists, Service Coordinators, and Installers is there for you every step of the way. Sure, you can get a discount on a hot tub at Costco or online if you want to take the chance. But when you choose Salter’s, know you are working with a reliable, trustworthy company. Call us or visit our showrooms in Eagleville or Hatfield to start your spa adventure!

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