Owning a hot tub or swim spa can be a joy. Having a place to relax after a long day does wonders for your quality of life. Researching, purchasing, and installing your spa product can be overwhelming. However, that first soak will make it all worth it. If you’re thinking about buying a hot tub or swim spa or just waiting for your tub to arrive, read on to explore all the benefits of spa ownership.

Health Benefits

Hot tub users claim many health benefits from hydrotherapy massage. Doctors sometime will prescribe hot tub therapy to treat certain medical conditions. Many researchers have published studies on the benefits of hydrotherapy. The Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases (ARD) found that “hydrotherapy is often recommended to patients with arthritis as water provides a range of benefits, including the reduction of edema, pain relief, and reduced loading on damaged arthritic joints.” Hot tub users have experienced better sleep, improved heart health, and lower blood pressure. They also notice relief from back pain, sciatica, psoriasis, joint pain, and sore muscles. Always consult your doctor about the proper treatment of medical issues.

Weight Loss & Excercise

According to some studies, simply soaking in hot water can burn calories. Increased heat produces similar anti-inflammatory and blood sugar responses to moderate physical activity. The Huffington Post published an article about how this works. But if you truly want to use a spa to lose weight, then you should incorporate a complete exercise routine. Doing laps in a swim spa or water aerobics in your hot tub will increase your heart rate and contribute to your weight loss goals. 

Hot tub users also claim additional weight loss benefits. says regular hot tub use can reduce injury risk, reduce soreness and stiffness, speed up recovery, and improve circulation. Plus, reduced gravity in water can help alleviate pressure when regular exercise is difficult. Personally, I used a heated pool to get back to my exercise routine after a back injury. Swimming helped me build my core muscles so I could go back to exercising at the gym. 

Stress Relief

For thousands of years, warm water, steam, and massage have been used to improve mental balance. Ancient cultures from across the globe have used natural hot springs as a place to find peace. Hot tubs and swim spas have the added benefit of technological advances and scientific research. Spa use can help you reduce stress in many ways. A hot tub or swim spa is the perfect place to relax after a long day, connect with your family and friends, and let off some steam. Whether you are a young family, working professionals, or retired empty-nesters, you can find relaxation and fun with your hot tub!

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